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We are equipped with:

We have a full Ivanko Competition Calibrated plate set and collars, 10 squat racks, 10 benches, 10 weightlifting platforms, Wide variety of specialty bars, Bumper plates and metal plates, Full kettlebell and dumbell assortmentYokes, Atlas stones, Kegs, Tires, hammers, battleropes, Sleds, Reverse Hyper, Bands, chains, Rowers, Isolation machines, Cable machine and more. 

We aren't scared to use chalk, listen to real gym music, drop weights and make noise while we train. For those who looking to compete we currently have competitive Powerlifting and Olympic lifting teams and programs in place. If you have been working out but still not getting the results you're looking for and are ready to get serious about hitting your goals, the coaching team at Dungeon Fitness is ready to help. We welcome all fitness levels, we only ask that you bring your best.